Ridesharing Made Simpler & Safer

Instago is a community centric carpooling app that matches people going in the same direction at similar times and thereby allows them to split the cost of the ride while reducing emissions


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Closed Community

Instago ensures that only people from within a particular community (company, university, organization, etc.) are able to join the respective ridesharing network.

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Easy Scheduling

Our algorithms will match you with people going your way within a 2 hour window so you can take your pick and ensure flexibility

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In-app Chat

In-app chat makes coordination amongst multiple users a breeze also allowing for a quick comparison of ridesharing fares

How It Works

Finding a match on Instago is easy as 1-2-3. Check the steps below and get going.

Choose your Network

When you sign-up, you will need to choose a country. Once that is done, view the list of available networks and pick the network you belong to.

Sign-up with your official and authorized email id provided by your organization and choose the correct domain. Once you verify both your email and phone number, you will be logged in to your network.

Choose Where & When you to go

Once you are on the home screen, the app will pick up your current location. Enter your desired From & To locations and choose the time of departure as well as the number of seats you need.

Then all you need to do is click search and wait for the app to do it's magic.

View Potential Rides

Once we get your ride details such as From & To, Date & Time and number of seats required, Instago will show you potential matches.

These matches list people in a 2-hour window that will be headed in your direction. If you like a group that you would like to travel with, click join. Else, you can choose to create your own ride and wait for other people to join it.

Worst case, when we can't find you a ride we will still allow you to compares fares of ride-sharing services in your region for a quick comparison on the basis of Price & ETA

Coordination made simple

Now no more back and forth emails, group texts, Slack, Groupme, Whatsapp groups, etc. Instago allows for easy coordination amongst all participants within the app itself.

Changed your mind? Feel free to leave a group and find another one from the list.

Going together? Find the best and cheapest ride with the touch of a button that shows comparison of fares.

App Screenshots

See Instago in action from sign-up to booking a ride



Instago is live at the following organizations and we are constantly adding more universities and companies as we speak

Instago for you

Is your organization not on the list? Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss adding your organization as well. Drop us a line at hello@getinstago.com or leave your email in the box below.